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Optima 475

Optima 475

Smart Winder Optima – 475 is a Dual Spindle, Programmable Semi-Automatic Coil Winding Machine which is available in Front Loading Configuration.

These machines are used to Wind coils such as Transformer Coils, Buzzer Coils, DC Contactor Coil, Control Transformer ( low range ), Cross Coil, Pulsar Coil, Excitor Coil and windings for Drum core, Inductor, Relays, Door Bell,  Sensor, Solenoid.

Technical Specification

Wire Size : 0.35 mm (Max. Bobbin Dia: 50 mm)

Bobbin Dia : 75 mm (Max. Wire Dia: 0.2 mm)

Winding Width : 120 mm

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