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Do Blackpink Members Already Know About Jennie Dating G-dragon? #blackpink

However, Jennie has never confirmed any of these relationships, so it is impossible to know with certainty the exact number of boyfriends she may have had. Jennie is called the YG Princess due to the fact that of the reality that she has been understood for her excellent rapping abilities considering that she was a trainee. Likewise, many fans think she is one of the best female rap artists in K-pop.

“I walked in and some girl goes, ‘Oh what, do you have pink eye?’ And I was like not funny, that’s not funny. There’s no stink in my eye!” she said laughing. On the podcast, Spelling talked about going to the event, and joked that she was offended when someone asked if she had pink eye. Spelling was first seen sporting a pink, bedazzled eye patch last week at the launch party of her best friend Laura Rugetti’s new hair extension line. Kai, whose real name is Kim Jongin, is the main dancer of Chinese-Korean EXO. Jennie, on the other hand, is the main rapper of hip-hop girl group BLACKPINK. “It is true that Kai and Jennie have recently parted ways,” SM Entertainment was quoted as saying.

Jennie Kim Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend and Husband

Jennie a member of this group said that they can’t break all these rules until the CEO of YG Entertainment gives permission. Bandmate Lisa commented on Rosé’s type of man on an episode of JYP’s Party People, where she also revealed that her bandmate likes men who can play the guitar. However, despite all this, they haven’t publicly announced their relationship. Perhaps they are waiting until after Jennie finishes her current contract with Big Bang to tie the knot. He also has several endorsements, including Apple products, L’Oreal cosmetics, and Korean beer Guiness. In 2017, Kai was named the most popular male celebrity by Gallup Korea with a 22 percent approval rating.

Dispatch, a South Korean media outlet, reported on February 23, 2021, that BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon have been in a relationship for a year. I am not a „10“ by any stretch, but I think photos I’ve posted say a lot about my personality, interests, and sense of humor, and that is what the guys I’m looking for really care about anyway. This is just one example of a profile that will stand out as different and arguable better than most other pages written by guys on the online dating sites. It has a strong, unique beginning, interesting content, and a few questions at the end to “help” a woman start her response.

Some fans speculate that Kai and Jennie’s relationship began when they were spotted vacationing together in Los Angeles in April 2018. Jennie of K-pop group BLACKPINK has previously been in relationships with two people. Ultimately, the enforcement of the “no-dating” clause among K-Pop idols is meant to safeguard their reputations as well as the brand of the company that manages them. Its importance to the industry and the way that it is viewed in Korea makes it difficult, though not impossible, for idols to date. The seven band members of BTS have spoken out by saying that meeting someone to date and fall in love is a natural process.

Despite the relationship restriction from YG Entertainment, the gorgeous singer somehow managed to get into a relationship secretly. They used to meet each other even within their busy schedules. Emma Dibdin is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles who writes about culture, mental health, and true crime. She loves owls, hates cilantro, and can find the queer subtext in literally anything. We can bet that Jeezy will be the loudest voice on #TeamDreamofJeannie. This is Mai’s second marriage, and she’s been open in the past about how different her relationship with Jeezy is from her relationship to ex-husband Harteis.

Review Anywhere between Jennie Kim and you may Krystal Jung since Kai EXO Ex-Girlfriend, Which is perfect?

Also, the remainder of the blackpink members were almost unrecognisable prior to their fame. “It is true that Kai and Jennie have recently parted ways,” SM Entertainment said in a statement on Friday, January 25, according to Just Jared. South Korean cable network SBS funE reported that the pair broke up to focus more on work. On the morning of January 1, 2019, Jennie was released with a photo by Dispatch with the singer Kai of EXO.

While ARMY and Blinks emphatically refuted the rumours and proved that it was mostly photo-shopped, both V and Jennie stayed silent on the subject. Last week, Big Hit released a statement, without mentioning V or Jennie, and said that they would be taking legal action. BTS’ eldest member, Jin had hit out at the ‘haters’, saying that they had gone looking for trouble. On January 1st, Korean media Dispatch shocked many CrossdresserHeaven account K-Pop fans by releasing an exclusive news about how they had spotted EXO’s Kai And BLACKPINK’s Jennie going on a date. They had also released several photos and proof which suggested that the two idols might be actually dating. Just a few months ago, controversy arose when K-pop stars HyunA and singer E’Dawn were revealed to be in a relationship for two years but had hidden it from their label Cube Entertainment.

Blackpink Members’ Celebrity Crush Revealed: Gong Yoo

If to mess things up a bit between the two fandoms, YG went on to tweet that Kai was actually Jennie’s Uber driver. She has also been linked to YG’s gem of music producer Teddy Park and she is recently in news for being in a relationship with G-dragon. Although neither Jennie nor G-dragon or YG entertainment has given any statement regarding the relationship. In one event, to get right, inside an episode of Town Emergency The latest Seven, Jennie Kim after revealed regarding anything away from men you to made the girl cardiovascular system are pounding.

YG Entertainment later denied the rumors and claimed that it was created by a hater of the company, who spread false information, according to Channel Korea. “Since the first day I entered YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk sajangnim told me to always be careful of boys,” Jennie said in 2016. That said, we understand why BLACKPINK‘s members have put their romantic lives on the back burner for the past few years. As one of the most famous acts in K-pop right now, it makes sense that BLACKPINK is more focused on their career.


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“It is true that Kai and Jennie have recently parted ways,” the company said in a statement. As for why they broke up, a source told Naver at the time that the two split because of their schedules. The insider claimed that Kai and Jennie wanted to focus on their careers but they ended their relationship as friends. The news broke the internet in 2018, with fans of both bands demanding answers. SM Entertainment, Kai’s management company, confirmed their relationship shortly after the photos surfaced. SM Entertainment confirmed that the two were no longer dating.