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Are Charli D’Amelio And Lil Huddy Back Together? A Complete Relationship Timeline

However, he’s since branched out from his status as a full-time social media star to become a music artist, notably releasing his debut album ‘Teenage Heartbreak’ in 2021. On April 13, 2020, fans awoke to the news that the pair had officially parted ways. They broke up amidst unconfirmed cheating rumours from the Sway House TikTok group, which had resurfaced in March 2020. During the break-up, they announced that they would remain best friends. After months of not talking on social media, Chase and Charli have finally ended their quiet spell and are rekindling their friendship.

Charli’s mom gets fed up with the cheating nonsense and hops on Instagram to tell her followers to leave Charli and Chase alone. Charli and Chase start showing up in each other’s TikToks, and honestly, it’s a vibe. Charli and Chase were officially over when she moved on with Landon Barker. Chase released the single “America’s Sweetheart,” which he has since confirmed is about Charli. On August 20, fans were shook when the pair uploaded a brand new TikTok video together!

June 2022: Charli D’Amelio sends flowers to Travis Barker after he’s hospitalized for pancreatitis

Artists that inspired him to be a musician are Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, One Direction, and BTS. One thing commonly shared by D’Amelio and Hudson was online hatred. He admitted that it is sometimes tough to ignore such hateful judgments. Not too long after this news surfaced, Charli and Lil Huddy called it quits. It wasn’t clear if they split solely because of the cheating rumors, or if other things had contributed to their breakup, too. Despite the turmoil that erupted at Hype House, Charli and Addison remain close to this day.

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Why Did Charli and Chase Break Up?

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But what happened and why did Chase Hudson and Charli D’Amelio Break up? Let us find out about what happened between the two and Hudson’s dating history. Not too long after they linked up, rumors started circulating that Lil Huddy had been reportedly DM’ing different girls and sending them “pictures.” There were even claims that he tried to score with another popular TikTok creator. In early 2020, she split from fellow Hype House member Chase Hudson. Hudson — also known as Lil Huddy — released a 15-second clip from his new song, “All the Things I Hate About You,” which seemingly takes aim at the new couple.

In recent years, TikTok stars Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson, also known as Lil Huddy, have been making headlines for their relationship. The two are both online sensations with huge fanbases, therefore, it comes as no surprise that so many people have been invested in their romance. While D’Amelio and Hudson may be considered “couple goals” to some, Hudson actually partnered up with a different TikToker prior to being with D’Amelio. The teen saga evolved as fellow TikTok star Bryce Hall shared the clip of Chase’s song teaser on TikTok, captioning it, “hey same @charlidamelio” and adding the prompt “put your finger down to what applies to you.” From first stepping out at Barker’s concert together to going social media official with their romance and the feud that’s followed, here’s everything to know about Charli D’Amelio and Landon Barker’s relationship timeline. In the same episode, Charli said that while she and Chase were just friends at the moment, she describes their relationship as “right person, wrong time” and hopes they will “find each other again”.

However, three months after D’Amelio and Hudson publicly announced their split, it was revealed that Hudson had actually cheated on D’Amelio with another TikToker, Nessa Barrett. While the two aren’t officially boyfriend and girlfriend and haven’t traded “I love you”s yet, Hudson did previously make it clear to Entertainment Tonight that they are exclusive. “It’s exclusive, canoodle com browse we’re not talking to anyone else. We really like each other, we just don’t wanna put a label on it yet,” he shared. “I told her I wanna take my time and make sure everything’s right for me before I make it official.” TikTok star Nessa Barrett told her boyfriend at the time Josh Richards, who is also a TikTok star, that Chase Hudson was sending her messages.

Who is Chase Hudson dating in 2019?

Though they both said that they remained close friends and continued to post about each other, things took a turn in July when Charli publicly accused Chase of cheating on her. Chase then went on a Twitter rant accusing several other TikTokers of cheating on their significant others, leading to a messy back and forth in the TikTok community. Eventually, Chase admitted he’d kissed Nessa, but insisted they were both single at the time.

Both influencers officially addressed their breakup on April 13, 2020. For eager followers of TikTok gossip accounts like “@tiktokroom” on Instagram, the news of Charli D’Amelio and Chase “lilhuddy” Hudson’s breakup was inevitable. The two teenagers (15- and 17-years-old, respectively), had never called each other “boyfriend” or “girlfriend,” but had been “exclusive” since at least the start of February 2020. A few days after the video release, Charli posted pictures of the two on the set of the music video accompanied by a long caption gushing about how positive the filming experience was. She said of Chase, “I am beyond thankful for being able to be in this video and getting to be a part of this piece of art with the person I can lean on for everything”.

He’s frequently found wearing nail polish — something his fans seem to love about him. In the past, it seems Huddy has also dated women — in 2015, he was rumored to be dating YouTube star Mary-Kate Cooper. Later, he echoed his words on Twitter, reminding fans of what he said in that video. Huddy is frequently sharing new videos, with all of them gaining hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of likes. Fans began to speculate the couple was an item after they were spotted arriving at and leaving Landon’s concert together. The TikTok Room Instagram account also captured separate Stories from D’Amelio and Landon, where they each shared new tattoos by the same artist @ar.bel.