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6 spindle coil winding machine

6 Spindle Coil Winding Machine

Technical Specifications

Particulars A 6
Number of Spindles 6
Bobbin outer dia. 37.5 mm (Max.)
Wire size 0.2 mm (Max.)
Spindle speed 9000 RPM
Machine weight 270 Kgs (Approx.)


  • Three axes movement of wire guide with linear, circular and helical interpolation capability for conveniently executing Wind, Wrap, Cut and Position functions.
  • Small moving mass gives high acceleration rates resulting in higher productivity.
  • Flexible menu driven programming through Windows* based Graphical User Interface and direct entry of coil parameters, user defined operation sequencing coupled with a powerful set of intelligent functions for achieving complex winding configurations with exceptional ease.
  • High-performance CNC control system with acceleration and contouring with look-ahead function ensures high accuracy, speed and long life of mechanical components.
  • Optimised design using advanced motion systems and standard precision parts reduces number of components resulting in enhanced reliability, performance & ease of maintenance.
  • Wire wrapping unit with programmable 90° Nozzle tilt suitable for wrapping radial & axial pins.
  • AC Servo motors for Axes and spindle control provide excellent dynamic performance and maintenance-free operations.
  • Pneumatically operated self-cleaning wire anchors with 4-way programmable movement for flexibility in wire clamping and minimising wastage.

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