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Special Purpose Machines

Synthesis Capacitor Winding Machines comprises of Automatic and Semi Automatic H T Capacitor Winding machines, used to wind the elements of H T Capacitors (Extended Foil type) and CVTs (Tab and Extended Foil type). These machines have an optimal mix of automation coupled with robust design resulting in excellent performance, consistency, better productivity and high precision handling of film & foil.

Tape Winding Machines
Synthesis Tape Winding Machines comprises of narrow and Wide Band Tape Winding Machines to wind condenser bushing and CT limb. These machines are designed to wind condenser bushings and CT limbs from plain craft AWW paper (Narrow band and Wide band) and foil, by rotating winding head around a conductor
Bushing Winding Machine
Narrow Band Taping Machine
Core Taping machine
The Core Taping machine is designed for wrapping Resin-glass tapes on core limbs of power transformers with high degree of precision. The limbs of the pre-assembled, laminated core packs need to be bound tightly by wrapping a high strength tape before assembly of the coils. The core taping machine consists of a rotating ring that carries 2 rolls of resin-glass tapes and wraps them tightly over the core limb. The ring is in-turn mounted on a vertical carriage that is also motor driven and travels the entire height of the limb. The taping ring and vertical carriage motors are driven through variable speed drives and controlled by a PLC system to achieve precise control over the tape pitch and wrapping length.


PLC based control of winding parameters to achieve good consistency.

- Robust hydraulic braking system for conveniently achieving very high tape tension values.

- Operator platform travelling with taping head for easy access to taping area.

- Dual control consoles on main panel and a hand held pendant for easy access.

Core Taping Machine
Horizontal Winding Machine
The machine is designed and equipped for insulation kit preparation for power transformers. The machine is built for precise indexing of heavy power transformer core held horizontally between faceplate (1800 mm dia) & tailstock (which can move axially on the base plate)


1. Offset helical reduction gear motors with built in resolver delivers precise revolutions of the core. The revolution speed is programmable in steps of 1 degree or through continuous operation by means of foot pedal.

2. The machine can address jobs up to 2500mm winding diameter and with a maximum weight of 5000 kgs (inclusive of expanding mandrel)

3. High performance PLC based controller with colour touch screen user interface governs the motion of spindle accurately.

4. Laser beam from overhead self levelling laser system provides reference line on the width of the core, along which the press board strips are pasted.

Horizontal Winding Machine
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