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Winding accessories form a crucial part in winding equipment. The quality of winding and productivity of the winding machine depends on the accessories to a large extent. We offer a wide range of accessories, optimized for different winding applications.

Wire Tensioners

Wire Tensioners form a crucial part of winding equipment. The quality of winding and productivity of winding machines depend on Wire Tensioners to a large extent. We offer a range of Wire Tensioners optimised for different winding applications.

1. Friction Type Tensioners

a) Standard Wire Tensioner

Technical Specifications

Particulars Model : SWT - 01
Thin Wire
Model : TWT - 01
Thick Wire
Model : TWT - 03
Thick Wire
Model : TWT - 04 R
Thick Wire
Tension Range 75 gms - 1250 gms 1250 gms - 9500 gms 540 gms - 7500 gms 1250 gms - 13900 gms
Recommended Wire Size 0.1mm - 0.5mm 0.5mm - 1.63mm 0.3mm - 1.50m 0.5mm - 2mm
Tension Control Friction Type

b) Graduated Wire Tensioner

Technical Specifications

Particulars Model : WT - 130 Model : WT - 200 Model : WT - 1200
Tension Range 10gms - 130gms 40gms - 200gms 100gms - 1200gms
Recommended Wire Size 0.036mm - 0.132mm 0.072mm - 0.173mm 0.122mm - 0.458mm
Tension Control Friction with mechanical adjustment

2. Permanent Magnetic Wire Tensioner

Technical Specifications

Particulars Model : PMT - 40 Model : PMT- 200 Model : PMT - 2400
Tension Range 10gms - 40gms 40gms - 200gms 40gms - 2400gms
Recommended Wire Size 0.03mm - 0.07mm 0.07mm - 0.173mm 0.26mm - 0.76mm
Tension Control Permanent Magnetic Brake

3. Electronic Wire Tensioner

Technical Specifications

Particulars Model : EWT - 80 Model : EWT - 300 Model : EWT - 1400 Model : EWT - 2500 Model : EWT - 5000
Tension Range 20 gms - 80 gms 50 gms - 300 gms 200 gms - 1400 gms 500 gms - 2500 gms 2500 gms - 5000 gms
Recommended Wire Size 0.05mm - 0.10mm 0.082mm - 0.233mm 0.194mm - 0.50mm 0.30mm - 0.70mm 0.50mm - 1.10mm
Tension Control Electromagnetic Brake
Toolings / Winding Jigs
Toolings/ Winding Jigs is one of the key performance optimizer for the winding machines. We design and manufacture toolings/ winding jigs, for diverse winding applications, in accordance with the optimal winding. The toolings are methodically designed, to deliver superior winding quality with exceptional ease, even at higher winding speeds.
3 Pole Stator Winding
Tooling for Rotor Coil Winding
Power Transformer Mandrel
End Flange
Wire De-reeler / Wire Unwinder
Wire / Strip de-reelers ensure smooth dispensing of wire, provides constant feed and minimal free-length variation during winding operations. We offer application specific de-reelers and straightening units for both round and rectangular conductors

Automatic Multi-Channel Online Wire Twisters
We offer Automatic Multi-channel Online Wire Twisters which convert single strand winding wire to multi strand twisted wire for giving mechanical strength (to the wire) at the termination points of the coil. The twister incorporates a programmable microprocessor based control unit. The number of strands, twist turns, length of twist etc., are adjustable to achieve optimum results for any application.
Four Channel Online Servo Twister
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